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The community have put together a bunch of useful things to help you on your giffgaff journey


Handy guides

The community has compiled some handy dandy guides for using your phone on giffgaff. If you're heading on holiday, why not check out our guide for Roaming in the EU?

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Helper tools

Helping on the community? This is the place for you. Check out this great collection of tools and info that anyone would be proud of.

We have everything from tools to make your answers more "giffgaffy", to pricing calculators for phone numbers.

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Page redesigns

Think the website needs a refresh? Well, so do I. Check out some of my example redesigns for the giffgaff website.

The giffgaff my offers page is heavily outdated, still showing the iPhone 6S as a "flagship" option. Also, as a lot of members face issues trying to perform a SIM swap, I've worked on a redesign of that, too.

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What's giffgaff?

giffgaff is a mobile virtual network operator. That means that they act as a mobile network, but don't own any physical infrastructure, like phone masts. Instead, they rely on a larger mobile network operator (MNO), in this case, O2.